The Rising Empire

Leaving the Goddamn City

And the DM makes up a "Gatsby" party involving a guy bathing in champagne

Our adventurers convene again with our most darling, beloved king in order to better learn about what the hell went down with that assassin guy.

Zinna offers to revive the now dead assassin but when she attempts nothing happens. After much arguing, Zinna and Irial carry the dead man back to the Sunite temple where he is placed in a cell and Zinna continues to try reviving him.

Lia & Leon, suspicious of the high priestess, follow her where they watch Zinna’s failure at revival and she reveals to Irial that she fears she’s somehow lost Sune’s favor. Zinna then locks herself away in order to pray.

Irial spends the night in her temple home while Lia and Leon return. It is there agreed that they will all keep watch to see if anything else attacks Wilven. The night is silent.

Our curious young adventurers then decide to head out and see if they can find information from others. If only someone dealt with rumors of things that occur.

So they head back to the bar to ask the barkeep about the wizard no one had bothered questioning earlier. Because wizards are shifty? I, as a DM, obviously need to not inform you of things you didn’t do from now on.

So, you learn the wizard is an apothecary (apothic? I dunno’) who works down the road from the Blushing Mermaid who’s been collecting information about missing orphans. Unfortunately, he has no more information than the fact that there are missing orphans. You then question orphans themselves about such things.

The orphans questioned are highly unamused by these questions and judge Aramil for asking them. Then again, they’re kids who’ve grown up on the street and are probably unamused by most things. After a bit of questioning, it is learned there is a thieves guild down by the docks the children prefer avoiding. This guild is run by a woman called Nine Fingers.

The company. . .fellowship? Group? Mass of strange people who dislike each other on most occasions, heads down to the docks and begins questioning workers about Nine Fingers. Aramil’s questioning goes poorly and the workers become suspicious.

Leon, then steals Allana’s bag and begins running as though he were a common thief in hopes to draw out Nine Fingers.

After a bit of running, Nine Fingers trips him and seems as though she’s just witnessed an amusing show. Leon then makes up a lie about a secret passage, which she laughs at because it’s not very secret, though the party had been rather unaware of it’s existence in the first place (thieves guilds, they know shit)

But Nine Fingers is amused by the young rogue and offers to hear him out, but Serefin knocks over several crates as she tries to move silently.

Lia tries to help keep up the appearance and tries a bluff that amuses Nine Fingers so much she falls to the ground laughing. After regaining composure she asks what the adventures want.

They ask her about assassins and missing orphans which she knows only rumors of (except assassins, they’re dirty and no one likes them) She suggests Coran for such information, she sticks to her thieving and knowledge of the docks and and imports.

The group then finds themselves at a “Gatsby Party” where a man is on a terrace bathing in champagne (made that up on the spot, it seemed ostentatious enough)

So the party is a party, and Coran supplies information of going to the northern desert city if searching for assassins. He also gives a bit of information about something dark moving into the city. He’s not sure what, but it’s something new and old that he’s unfamiliar with.

The group heads back (after Irial, Serefin, and Leon party a bit) and tell Wilven of their intentions. King Wilven gives them supplies and shows them his map, possibly the only map in all of Stone’s Hiding. The groups decides upon their course and head north (well, north west, really. Stupid duck shaped island)

Along the way they come across a small fishing village that seems to be happy enough, except for the sirens that have been causing problems in the light house. They offer to take care of the problem for the village and Ted Fisherguy gives them a ride out to the lighthouse where they are instantly greeted by two dead bodies and a deadly chandler that Leon Sprokfire successfully noticed before it could do damage and Serefin destroyed without destroying her party.

They head up the stairs where they are greeted by an unexpected sight. Zombies. . .

Finally, a proper battle!

What happened to Zinna’s magic? Who or what is taking the orphans? Who are those dead people? Why are there so many zombies in a lighthouse supposedly inhabited by sirens? Will our hero’s find out? Hopefully clues will be revealed!


Thieves, they know shit…

Leaving the Goddamn City
Catslove Catslove

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