The Rising Empire


Freckles the bard and some more zombies.

“Is that a dagger in your pants, or are you just a pedophile?” – Alana

Our brave heroes last battled a flock of harpies on the top floor of a lighthouse. Heading downstairs, Leon discovered that the two bodies they originally saw were skillfully butchered for some ancient dark ritual, because what D&D campaign is complete without one? Aramil also discovered 20 gems in seals pots in the kitchen.

The party sets out back to shore and Leon says a final farewell to the lighthouse by lighting it on fire. Ted Fisherguy rows them all back to shore when an earthquake occurs. An incredibly unusual event for the land. The townsfolk are rather confused and frightened.

In the tavern, however, everyone is still quite cheerful as a young bard named Nym is playing her fife and dancing. She takes a liking to the adventurers as she loves stories and Leon and Serefin tell her quite an enchanting tale full of dragons and brave heroes. . . Only part of which was true. The party took a liking to her and nicknamed her Freckles and decided she was good company to take along.

There was also some zombie killings. There are now many dead zombies. And mystery glowing things.


Catslove Catslove

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