The Rising Empire

The Light House

Attack of the Zombies & Harpies!

Last we saw of our brave adventurers, they were right in the middle of a formidable zombie attack on the second level of a booby-trapped lighthouse. The zombies were easily vanquished by the heroes giving them time to look about the second floor room.

The first thing noticed, of course, was a treasure chest in the back corner of the room. The dapper rogue, Leon Sporkfire, successfully noticed a poison dart trap on the chest and alternative opening methods were soon in discussion.

As this went on, Lia noticed that dried blood made a path to under the carpet in the center of the room. Aramil and Allana pulled the rug away to find a skull drawn beautifully in blood on the floor. Several knowledge checks confirmed that it was probably, in all likelihood, evil. Serefin was able to discern that both the drawing and the chest’s treasure were highly magical.

Then, with the combined efforts of Serefin and Leon, a technique was decided upon in the efforts of opening the chest while avoiding the poison darts. The bed in the room was flipped to make a barrier and Serefin levitated one of Leon’s lock pics into the chest’s lock springing the trap. Everyone was safe from the darts.

Inside, lay a crown of unusual properties. Everyone was quite wary of it, but Allana was able to find out that the stone in the center was a gem from the dwarven mines of old possessing abilities of storing magic. The stone happened to also be damaged. After discussing who would hold onto the potentially evil crown, the party of hero’s journeyed to the top floor of the lighthouse to discover what the villagers had been referring to as “sirens.”

Four Harpies were located on the top floor and one immediately used Captivating Song while the other three conferred with each other about unknown things. Two then flew off leaving the remaining to do battle.

The battle went quickly and some information was even gained from the remaining harpies. An evil magic user had come and killed the old lighthouse owner leaving nothing but zombies and the crown. After gaining the information, the harpies were promptly killed with ease.


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