The Rising Empire

Wilven's Not Murdered

Which sucks as originally part 1 was "Wilven's Murder"

And thus the adventure began!

Our intrepid adventurers found themselves with a vague invite to King Wilven’s castle in Stone’s Hiding, the west most port town. Here the group of six met and got to know each other. Two elves, a dwarf, a half-elf, a halfling, and a human all gathered at Wilven’s banquet table to learn of a tyrannical, war-hungry Emperor to the far east. Wilven has asked that the group travel together to see if they can gather further rumors and maybe convince the citizens of all races to band together on the off chance the Emperor tries a takeover.

The members agreed to assist the King, and after much arguing over who would lead (The Honorable Serefin) and mocking of the lone human party member (who happens to be the world’s greatest swordsman) the party set out to explore the town, or the local bar, anyway.

At the Blushing Mermaid, the party learns that Pirate Lord Shadowsea has been in the area in the last three weeks and stole the sister of half-elf Coran. Leon and Coran strike a deal to inform each other of any more information they gather of Shadowsea. Following this conversation, Leon proceeded to drink several rounds of ale leaving Aramil to carry the young rogue back to Wilven’s castle.

In the bar had also been a wizard surrounded by an abundance of orphans, Serefin gave them a coin each much to their joy.

With everyone back and tucked in for the night before the begin of their journey, Irial, cleric of Sune, awoke to a ruckus coming from the dining area. Armed only with her nightgown, she found King Wilven cornered by an assassin. She has successfully seduced the assassin and was working to convince him not to kill the King when her companions appeared to assist.

The battle went very well for the group, even with a hungover swordsman, and the assassin was thoroughly killed. Allana managed to assertain that the assassin had been hired, but no other information could be extracted before Leon’s killing blow.

What will the characters do now that they know someone paid a price for the king’s head? Where will they go first? Will Irial ever get to sleep with one of the hot NPCs? Will the DM ever get to kill the king?


Catslove Catslove

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