A young woman awoke with a sigh on a distant island and stared at the life she had to live another day through. To think, she could have escaped on a ship and possibly had an affair with a strange, dapper fellow, help destroy a wererat, and inspire courage to friends she might now never know. Maybe, if Raina was lucky, she’d find a different way to a new life, though the wererat bit was, admittedly, creepy.

Basic Knowledge & Stuffs
Ordekarazi is a island that lays some distance to the east and just a little bit north of the island of Pheramet. It’s also a week and a half’s journey to the main continent to the southwest. Rumors have spread that the Emperor to the west has conquered much of the mainland. King Falconsflight has learned little more than this as trade between this island and the continent has become strained and fewer and fewer ships now arrive. Much of his kingdom’s resources come from the mainland, and he is starting to fear for the economy of his already dwindling kingdom. In his four short years as king, he has done so much for his people. He’s reestablished the Laws of Secomber and the Watch of the Dragon is once again flourishing across the southern portion. Even King Goldbeard in the mountains has begun sending envoys to establish a new treaty for trade. Not even the birth of an heir has been able to put the King’s mind at rest.

With the threat of a potential take over, King Wilven Falconsflight has sent his watch to collect citizens from his kingdom to assist in preparing his people. A sorcerer, cleric of Sune, a ranger, and an unexpected castaway found on the shores of Stone’s Hiding have all been gathered (and possibly two fighters? Or a fighter, a ranger and the original ranger will not be a ranger. . . People need to tell me what their doing before I start beating them with the player’s handbook). Point is, King’s having a gathering and you guys are there. (once I have everyone’s information, I’ll better explain how you all got there and what the King sent out to invite you)

The Rising Empire

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